About us

Ancient Earth Medicinals a newly formed co-op, introduces a reliable marijuana delivery service catering to Butte County medical cannabis patients. Their menu is made of OMRI certified organic cannabis products from local marijuana industry professionals who follow the principles of living organics and use hand-crafted soils, maximizing microbial life and creating no-till living soil. We use no pesticides or neurotoxins ever in any of our products!! -AEM- is a team built on a shared passion and combined knowledge of beyond organic regenerative cannabis farming. We set out with the intention of providing a premium service with products ranging in prices to provide clean medicine for all. We give patients the option to schedule their delivery ahead of time. Ancient Earth Medicinals believes in the power of holistic healing and good medicine, they continue dominating the cannabis industry and are planning to expand their delivery services to Berkeley and Napa. Our goal is to become a fully encompassing beyond organic cannabis business and we look forward to connecting and growing with the cannabis community as a whole!