-Ancient Earth Medicinals- is a non profit cooperative offering delivery services of medical cannabis products to patients of Butte county. We believe in a higher quality of service and strive to perform to our fullest potential and fulfill the needs of our patients.
*We pay the 7.50% tax for our patients*
*Minimum order must be met for all deals*
*One Offer Valid Per order* 
*Enter to win an ipod touch with otter box. Spend $100 or more and receive raffle ticket. Drawing will be held at the end of November.*

Weekly Deals: Munchy Monday *Free -AEM- 150mg Edible
Topical Tuesday *Free -AEM- 1/2 oz Handcrafted Herbal Topical Oil
Solventless Saturday *25% off any Solventless product
                          Sungrown Sunday *Buy 2 get 2 free on pre rolled joints

-Operating in compliance with CA PROP 215 and CA SB 420-

Welcome new patients of Ancient Earth Medicinals! We look forward to serving your medical cannabis needs! As a thank you for your registration we would love to offer you, One free gift and 10 dollars off your first order!